Non-commercial partnership «Russian Football Premier League» (RFPL) merges professional football clubs of Russian top division, and holds the national football competitions among the clubs of the Premier level by order of the Football Union of Russia (FUR), coordinates competitive relationship, management and husbandry among it’s clubs, and carries out other activities in accordance with current Russian legislation and regulations of FIFA, UEFA and FUR.

Issues of RFPL::

  • organization and conducting of the Russian national football competitions among the Clubs - Members of the Premier – League in accordance with the regulations approved by the Football Union of Russia;
  • training of players for the National teams of Russia;
  • definition of obligatory criteria (terms and conditions) for the Members of Premier - League;
  • fixture of issues on domestic transfer of professional players among clubs of RFPL or into one of the Premier – League’s club from abroad, in accordance with the requirements of FIFA, UEFA, FUR;
  • creation of it’s own and participation in developing of the clubs’ material and technical base, training and educational conditions and fitness and rehabilitation foundation;
  • organization football and sports prize contests and other similar activities directly related to football competitions held under the aegis of the Football Union of Russia and The Russian Football Premier - League;
  • cataloguing, manufacturing and awards of goods with the symbols of Premier - League;
  • coordination of relations of members of RFPL, and the League in general with sponsors, advertisers, advertising and news agencies, television and radio broadcasting companies, sale of commercial and other rights transferred to Premier - League from it’s members, as well as protection of property and private non-property rights of the Members of the Premier-League among general economic entities of the market;
  • assistance to it’s clubs in providing consulting, informational, advertising, marketing and other services;
  • carrying out (implementing) under law of Russia any transactions with movable and immovable property for it’s statutory objectives;
  • Carrying out foreign trade activities in accordance with current law of Russia;
  • осуществление редакционно-издательской и полиграфической деятельности;
  • Implementation of publishing and printing activities;
  • Other activities aimed on it’s relevant statutory purposes that are not prohibited by current legislation of the Russian Federation.


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