Russian Football Premier League summarized the autumn part of the current season

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Press-conference related to summary of ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Football Championship autumn part took place in the Russian Football Premier League office on 13 December.

RFPL President Sergey Pryadkin thanked media representatives for their professional work and mentioned thrilling competition in the upper and lower part of the Championship table, he also emphasized that RFPL well deserves to be among the top 6 leagues in Europe.

Sergey Pryadkin congratulated all participants of the press-conference on the coming New Year.

Director for Security and Work with Supporters Alexander Meytin said that match attendance has 15% increased in comparison to the previous season, and number of violations and incidents decreased. Due to the well coordinated work of all services, number of persons arrested for violation of spectators conduct at sports competition.

Commercial Director of the RFPL Pavel Suvorov mentioned that all responsibilities towards sponsors and partners have been fulfilled in the current season in full.

Strategy, Development and Special Project Director Evgeny Savin informed on the RFPL rebranding process which is underway now and is to be fully completed before the kick-off of the next season.

RFPL Sports Director Victor Pyshkin mentioned that in spite of the high density of the calendar, all matches planned for 2017 were played on the planned dates and climate conditions allowed the teams to play even in the middle of December in comfortable conditions.

RFPL PR and Communications Director Sergey Alexeev told that interest of supporters and media towards ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Football Championship considerably increased, more people visit official website of the RFPL, social media and clubs information sources. He also thanked media for their cooperation in promotion and popularization of football and healthy way of life.

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