Yury Semin: We need to work at defense

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Lokomotiv head coach Yury Semin summarized the results of their test match against FC Östersunds (3:3) and the whole first training camp.

- It is good that we scored three goals, but it is bad that we conceded the same number of them. Probably, so far we have enough super-responsibility in the defense. If it is not so poor in the attack, we will have to work a lot in the defense. And it relates not only to four defenders, but also to the whole team. However, the match was good. We bored the strain. Some players played throughout 90 minutes.

- How did you like FC Östersunds?

- Good team. Some players have very high speed.

- Supporters often applauded to the Miranchuks.

- All players in the attack proved themselves very well.

- The final day of the first training camp. What did you say to the players?

- We thanked everybody. We had trained for 16 days without days-off. Usually the final days at the training camps are hectic. We played rather well.


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