Alexander Kokorin: The main thing is to continue like this in the championship

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Zenit official website gave a short interview of Alexander Kokorin:

Alexander, 14 goals scored in three games against pretty difficult rivals ...

It's surprising! 

Have you experienced something like this before? 

Considering that we scored fourteen against one side at the last camp, it has happened. To so many goals against such good teams, is really great. we also thought about this ... It's good that we scored a lot of goals and with many different goalscorers. But the main thing is that we continue this way in the season and in the Europa League. 

What's with the captain's armband?

I try not to pay attention to it, because I know that the captain is Mimmo. Someone has to wear it. 

Have you discussed who will be the vice-captain? 

It was not discussed. I think I'm far away from it. 

You've made a good partnership with Anton Zabolotniy?

We are trying to play together and it seems to be working out well, but there is something to work on. 

Has Terentyev play and goals surprised the team? 

Well done, he's scored some good goals. The main thing is that it continues into the season.


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