Statement of FC Krasnodar Administration

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Official statement on FC Krasnodar website:

"There is a video of fight between Krasnodar and Anji fans in the internet.

First of all, we would like to thank our so-called “fans” which gave us a chance to identify all participants of the fight.

Six persons who call themselves FC Krasnodar fans are arrested by the police and they will be sanctioned according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

From our part we shall ban them, for one year at first, from the home matches of our club. Next time they will be banned forever. It will be a good warning to all those who would want to take part in similar incidents.

Besides, we shall be working together with security services of Anji in order to identify the fight participants from their side and to ban them from attending our stadium as well.

We promise that we shall be carrying a hard-line struggle against such incidents which do not have any relations to football, and continue to do everything possible for people who come to our stadium so they could be safe and comfortable without abusive language and violence."



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