FC Ural President promised to dance with fans if the team wins the Cup of Russia

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With reference to the historical event – qualification of FC Ural to the Cup of Russia final, the club President Grigory Ivanov and the team Head Coach Alexander Tarkhanov celebrated this success with their most committed supporters.

The meeting took place at Ogon.Burger.Bar last Friday and was informal. More than 100 fans of the club came to attend. They had a lot of questions to the President and Head Coach and they were very active, they also wished good luck to their team and tried new beer, which was brewed especially for the fans on the occasion of win in the semi-final.

After the club’s qualification to the semi-final a local brewery promised to make 200 liters of free beer for Ural fans in cast the team qualifies to the final. This beer was offered to all those who had come to the event on Friday.

Ural President and Head Coach thanked everybody for their fervent support in the match against Rubin.

«I have already told that we are not going to have any other team. And we should come to the stadium both on the days of wins and on the days of failures. Thank you all for the match against Rubin»! — Grigory Ivanov said in his welcome speech.

 «It is very pleasant to see full tribunes. Our task is to attract supporters. And they should push the team forward», - added Alexadner Tarkhanov.

Of course, there were a lot of questions if the team is planning to arrange transport for the fans to the final in Sochi. Grigory Told that now they are having some negotiations with an aircompany, and as soon as they are over all the information will be announced.

Ural’s fan Alexander Kolesnikov performed a song which he had dedicated to his favourite team.

And before the party was over one of the fans asked the club President if he was ready to dance in the halftime of one of the games dressed as a bumble-bee or mayonnaise.

Grigory Ivanov did not like this idea, but he promised to dance squatting at Koltsovo airport together with those fans, who will come to meet the team.




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