Department of security and work with fans

The Department carries out the following activities:

  • Ensures complex security during competitions on football among the Clubs-Members of the Premier League;
  • Minimizes fans' violations, protects of legitimate rights and interests of the fans;
  • Counteracts to any forms of manifestation of social, racial, national and religious hatred in course of carrying out of competitions on football;
  • Represents and protects the common interests of Members of the Premier League;
  • Protects the interests of the Premier League.

During the work of the Department:

  • the security on RFPL football matches had been substantially shifted,
  • important amendments and additions to the Standard of FUR «Certification of stadiums. General provisions» had been introduced,
  • a new edition of «Rules of behavior of the spectators at the stadiums» had been prepared jointly with ROF (Russian Organization of Fans) and the Ministry of Interior of Russia,
  • and actual work with the fans had been built.

In addition, the Security Director of RFPL Alexander Meytin took part in the work on the preparation of the Federal law «Of enforcement of law and public security when carrying out sports and other mass events in the Russian Federation».

A special work group was created in the Department to deal with security terms at the matches of the Russian Football Championship, to organize and participate in meetings, commissions and seminars about working with fans.

The Department constantly works to create more comfortable and safe conditions for spectators, to analyse the state in the sports arenas, to assist to the clubs of the Premier League to ensure and enforce the order at the stadiums during the games.

DSWF introduces stewards' services on matches of the Championship and Cup of Russia. The Department also draws up programs of training for the stewards.

DSWF conducts investigations on the facts of fans' violations during the games of Clubs-Members of RFPL, regularly monitors the press and popular fans' websites to study the problematic facts and upon this basis develops proposals and recommendations for organization of work with fans.

The Department closely works with the security departments of the clubs of RFPL, with the leaders of fan-clubs, law enforcement agencies and stewards in order to ensure order and the most comfortable stay of fans at stadiums, provides practical help in solving of problems. It cooperates with the law enforcement bodies in order to ensure safety, prevent violence at football matches and correct any possible problems arising while realize these activities.

The Department regularly analyses and summarizes the reports on the executed work from football clubs and supporters' clubs of the Premier League, elicits the violations, conducts investigations of these facts and takes steps to correct them. The results are summarized in operative reports on each round of the Championship, enclosed with photo- and video-materials and passed to the Control and Disciplinal Committee.

Alexander Meytin

Security Director of RFPL

General information:

Alexander (Arcadievich) Meytin was born in 1951.

Graduated from the law faculty of the Rostov state University, served in the investigatory divisions of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the USSR and Russia. After leaving the Ministry of internal Affairs was the President of the security and detective corporation «Inex-Security-M».

In 2001-2004 - Security Director of FC «Spartak-Moscow».

Since 2008, Security Director of RFPL.

In 2004 defended his PhD thesis on the theme «Criminological characteristics of crimes committed by football fans, and their prevention». The author of books, scientific and publicistic articles on this subject.

Alexander Safonov

Deputy head of the Department

Area of work: security..

Telephone: +7 (499) 643-22-13

Fax: (499) 643-22-31

Irina Finogeeva

Leading specialist of the Department.

Area of work: security.

Telephone: +7 (499) 643-22-13

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Anton Zakharov

Leading specialist of the Department.

Area of work: security.

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